Energy Modeling

能源建模为您提供了一种能力,让您能够对建筑物的初始设计或改造方案做出明智的选择。The information obtained through the energy modeling process helps to shape the strategy for your building project.通过能量建模来权衡各种场景的成本和收益,您可以简化决策过程并简化项目。

Smart Planning with Energy Modeling
The energy modeling process involves using a virtual simulation of a building or complex of buildings to evaluate energy usage.我们的建筑能源建模服务将仔细评估包括照明在内的系统,新金沙真人官网HVAC,and water so you can better understand how they impact your overall energy consumption,utility costs,以及生命周期成本。无论您是在规划一个新的建设项目,还是在努力提高现有结构的效率,能量建模是一种有效的工具。

  • 早期规划。Energy modeling offers you the opportunity to estimate costs and potential savings based on different scenarios,允许您选择最具成本效益的方法和材料。Integrating energy modeling into your overall design process allows you to create a more efficient finished product.

  • 更新和改进。通过能量建模,您有机会了解哪些系统的性能可能不理想。您还可以测试潜在的系统升级,以更好地确定投资回报。

  • Certified Building Energy Modeling Professional (BEMP).Having a certified professional provide your energy modeling is the best guarantee for a stellar project.澳门金莎真人LKPB Engineers,an IMEG Company has certified staff tested and qualified by the American Society of Heating,制冷,and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).

我们还将帮助您发现任何提高效率的新机会,并权衡实施绿色解决方案的潜在好处。通过我们的建筑能源建模服务,you can explore new ways to improve sustainability,并开发最先进的技术来提高性能。

The energy modeling process begins with building simulation.你的整个建筑,连同它的系统,使用复杂的计算机程序进行复制。The completed building simulation is created to reflect real-life conditions as closely as possible,and includes details such as:

  • Building location and orientation
  • 占用数据
  • 运行时间表
  • Area climate data



  • 更好的计划。能源建模为您提供了简化总体设计过程的机会,因为它允许你在施工前比较不同的设计方案。

  • 预测能源成本。By monitoring and predicting energy usage over a specific period of time,能源建模为您提供了一种可靠的方法来预测随着时间推移的能源成本。

  • 确定机会。深入了解您的建筑性能和能源使用情况,您可以更容易地发现提高性能和效率的机会。我们可以帮助您探索哪些改装解决方案可供您使用。

Energy modeling presents the unique opportunity to put specific design scenarios to the test,and discover which methods and materials will be the most cost-effective and sustainable.To learn more about the benefits of energy modeling,contact 澳门金莎真人LKPB Engineers,an IMEG Company.

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